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But whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven - Matthew 5:19

    Frederick Henry Bopp (Jul. 6, 1903- Jan. 22, 1989) wrote Triumph in Christ over half a century ago, intending it to be the fourth booklet in a series of four. This, perhaps the most important of the series, never did get published with the other three booklets, and remained in typed manuscript form until now. In Triumph in Christ we are exhorted to live a victorious life in Christ, to be in the world but not of it, as we are encouraged that “God can accomplish much with us in a short time if we yield all-out service to Him.” 1

     Fred wanted no earthly recognition, money, or fame. We wish to share a little about him, to share a little about the heart and soul behind Triumph in Christ.  

    When we met Fred he was nearly eighty years old and running a nursing home in his Victorian-style house, Rose Lawn, with his wife Ruth. With only a handful of patients by then, his vision was to turn the building over for ministry after everyone was gone; perhaps a place for troubled youth. The Lord gave them the property, he said, and he purposed in his heart to return it to the Lord. Many hours were spent in an upper room, his attic office, where he prayed and wrote and fellowshipped with nobodies like us.

    “Nobody” was a word Fred used to describe himself. With delight he’d beam, “I’m a no-body! No position, no title, no notoriety!”  He wanted to be counted less so that Christ would count more. He also used to tell us that just as God creates mentally retarded children, He has His “spiritually retarded children”, and would add, “I’m one of those!” Such reflections were tender, loving. He had child-like enthusiasm and simple but strong faith, and was at the same time gentle and bold. He might ask someone he met if they knew Jesus, and if the reply was no, with kind invitation he would then ask, “Why not?!” He’d speak with wonder of the miracle of a newborn baby, adding with a whispered, penetrating, “How can you not believe?”

    We spent hour upon hour with Fred, talking about things like the trinity in the universe, the Kingdom of God, and the call of Christ to “Come, follow ME.”

     All we know of his early years was that he dreamed of being a professional baseball player and committed himself to the Lord at 20 years old. He became an evangelist who went down into coal mines to preach the gospel to miners, and broadcast the Word from loudspeakers while driving around the city.

    Jim met Fred in the back pew of a church in Worcester, Massachusetts one Sunday morning, early 1980’s. The elderly man with legs bent as if he was about to sit but who moved about quickly none-the-less, was the only one who took time to talk to him, opening with, “Is this sinner’s row?!” to which Jim replied, “Yes it is!” Fred would leap for joy upon seeing us anytime afterwards, and one day laid hands on us and prophesied over and blessed the ministry Daniel Chapter One. He’d exclaim, “How I wish I could be part of that work in Rhode Island!” but also would say, “Me. . . I’m almost home.” He told us to “Pray for thousands!” when Jim said if one soul got saved through the ministry it would be worth it.

1 “Christianity and War” Chapter X

    Fred was placed in a state nursing home in his final years. Ever the zealous evangelist, he shared Christ with everyone he could, and asked to be allowed to teach on the book of Romans. There in the rec. room, through smoke and stench and intermittent swearing and moaning, he taught the love of God and salvation in Christ. We often visited to encourage him in that dismal place but always came away the ones blessed and encouraged. One weekend when we went to take him out he had become critically ill with pneumonia. The food wheeled into the room - white bread, meatloaf, jello – was undoubtedly insufficient for health and healing.  Fred and the other patients became the inspiration to formulate a nutritional shake powder (1st Kings 17:6) that would become the first of the Daniel Chapter One Biomolecular Nutritional products.


    Three booklets and this manuscript written by Fred Bopp he entrusted to Jim Feijo almost 30 years ago.  He wanted nothing for them but what God wanted. One was lost, one lent out never returned, and this is one of the two writings that survived by the hand of God. We believe now is the time the Lord purposed for Triumph in Christ to be widely shared, for the edification of the body of Christ, for His Glory!

     Unto Him, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, we rededicate this manuscript. May His bride be found faithful, ready and waiting: “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”    Matthew 24:42

    We are honored to have been entrusted with it, and realize that Fred was, in fact, a critical part of the work begun in Rhode Island --Daniel Chapter One-- just as he was more than conqueror in Christ Jesus.  


                                                                                                         Jim and Tricia Feijo

                                                                                                        Daniel Chapter One

                                                                                                        Portsmouth, Rhode Island

                                                                                                        April 2011