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In 2010, after the FTC unjustly sued Daniel Chapter One for sharing health information and consumer testimonies, we placed a petition online and addressed it to the President of the U.S..

A few thousand people signed it -- concerned American citizens and people from all over the world -- with comments supporting our freedoms.

To read this petition and people's responses to it, click here

“I started taking herbs recommended by Jim and Trish for a heart condition and found relief as a result.  All without the use of drugs, which are known and stated by the FDA to have side effects. Herbs are not manufactured drugs and so the government cannot have jurisdiction over such matters, since Jim and Trish are not connected with a "trade or business" with the United States. It's all right there in the Code. Now what I might not know is whether DCO was registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. If they were, then this is why the government has taken them to court.  They are being represented as "public officer's" engaged in a privilege to do business with the government...which they really are not doing. Simply put, the FDA had no authority to bring DCO to court for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Shame on the state government where this couple resides.  We are now a NATION of NO LAW.  As a "United" states, we the people need to abolish this corrupt government now in place. The US Supreme Court is NO longer a valid court as it has rejected petitions submitted before it by We The People (which is required under the Constitution) THE FDA and the AMA have lost all credibility and trust. Does anyone agree with me?”    - Alvis Jenkins

“I have not used any of the products, but I listen to the show. I do take prescribed medications, BUT I, in some cases if I had need for some other things such as cancer or high blood pressure etc. I would choose to go the route of Daniel Chapter One. That is my point. I think having a CHOICE in a so-called FREE nation is important and I do plan to help Jim and Trish with some money to help fight the DEA. Everyone should be able to choose what works and what is right for them. I would also appreciate some information on how I can send some money to them. Thanks. I guess I would also like to say that maybe if the DEA really wanted to do something they could look at some of these new drugs coming out. Seems to me that they just hit the market and the lawyers start the class action advertisements. I think they should just do the job they were designed to do and let individuals make their own health care choices based upon what works for them. Good luck hope others will support you too, even if they like me do not use your product just yet.”    -Carla

“I am appalled and will do everything to prevent.  I would be happy to sign petitions whatever to prevent this gross misjustice.”  - Cathie Ernst

“We have bible scriptures backing our choices for natural healing, as our freedom of religion in America who can stop us?”  - Dora Benton

“The large Drug companies now own the FDA.  They do not want anyone to be cured of disease because they make billions on people who become ill.  Their goal is to increase the number of people sick. In 1989, before I was familiar with alternate supplements nutrition, I submitted to a quadruple heart bypass.  In California, it is malpractice for a medical Doctor to fail to disclose other options.  None was given.  11 years ago I found out nutritional supplements.  I quit the prescription drugs and now rely solely on lifestyle and nutritional supplements. I believe that I would not be alive today if I had continued with prescription drugs.  I will be 75 this year.”     

- Ed Hollis

“My comment to the FTC is Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You FREE.  The People in America need to take a stand before we are not able to have FREE SPEECH.  The drugs for cancer are pure poison!!  That is why my husband’s sister died from the cancer drugs.  That was on the death certificate.  What do the FTC have to say about this?  These are facts and they are well aware of this.  We know that all you have to do is follow the MONEY.”     - Jean Steiner

“The government needs to stop interfering with our personal lives. Let us be free to choose how to take care of our body.”     - L.E.

“To the FDA, American Cancer Society, CIA, FBI, FTC, CDC, and anyone else who is a non-believer.  I have personally known Jim and Tricia Feijo for over 20 years.  I have used every one of their products at some time or other.  At the young age of 45, I am incredibly healthy, and symptom free although I have the HEP B virus, thanks to exposure overseas while in the Army.  As a matter of fact, I have not even had a bad cold in 20 years.  All of my tests are perfect, and my doctor who monitors my Hep continues to be amazed that my health level has remained excellent for the last 7 years.  (They found out I had it by a routing blood test) BP perfect, Cholesterol PERFECT, blood work perfect.  I have spread the word about DC1 for the last 20 years during my military time, from RI to California.  I have personally witnessed many of my friends use their products and see amazing results.  As well as a friend who had a terminally ill pet that was written off by vets, living HEALTHY 2 years later after using 7 Herb.  I USED 7 Herb for my Yorkie puppy who developed liver problems after being placed on meds for an allergic reaction.  She was supposed to be on those meds for life…SHE IS OFF and 100%.  As I said, I have spread the word about DC1 for 20 years and will continue to do so!!”   - Melissa Karrh

“The Federal Trade Commission was not intended, upon its inception, to protect the public by infringing upon the right of the public to valid information with regard to individual health. Should the FTC continue its aggressive stance, legal challenges should follow.”       -Mike Hester

“I can’t believe this. An associate in the Constitution Party alerted me to this criminal behavior. I wish I could shake those nincompoops up! Keep me posted on what is going on.”  - Paul Chappell

“I think the government needs to stay out of our choices.  They are getting to big and needs to cut down to size.  We Americans are tired of the Government restrictions on us.  They need to remember that they work for us, not the other way around.  If the Government wishes to continue down the path they are taking, I can guarantee there will be a revolt by the public.”   - William Montgomery


“Our endless gratitude to you DC1, for taking a stand; for speaking out to tell your story; and for asking our government to support your message that every individual should be able to exercise their birthright to select a health care provider of their choosing.”       -Mrs. Charlene Bregoli, MA

“Your comments have helped in direction to improve health and I appreciate your guidance.”   - Mr. Dennis Tomlin, MO

“I can't even bring myself to sing the lyrics of the national anthem in that it embraces 'death' from the 'bombs bursting in air' to the lack of FREEDOM it alleges we have in the near end of the anthem. When the misguided US government controls our air, our water, our food, our desire to natural healing, which often keep extreme profits from the coffers of mega giants of healthcare ..we are not really free at all. I thought this was a government for, by and of the people with the pressure on Daniel Chapter One I do not see - of the people freedom of choice. I personally have faith in the evidence I've seen from 7 Herb Formula and continue to share that with those whom I feel could benefit from it.”       -AFI PHOEBE, NY

“Everyone should have all information available to them and the freedom to make the choices that affects their health and well being.” -D Jensen, UT

“I feel that using natural remedies is safer than using prescription and OTC medicines. So often, one medication conflicts with another and causing additional health problems. I believe that natural healing would be best for everyone.”  - Jo McWherter

“Do something good as President, and save at least our freedom to information. Doesn't matter if we trust this information or not, it should not be censored.”    - Sam Lynch

“In support of Jim and Trish, I truly believe the Bible is the written word of God. I also believe the Bill of Rights gives us the Right of Freedom of Speech. May God Continue to Bless The United States, because if were not for all the Freedoms we have here in the land of the free, we would be like all the other countries,without our freedom.”  - Richard Mizikar

“Shame on the government for reaching it's long arm into our food, vitamins and supplements. Bad enough they brain wash people the way they do about what food is healthy. No wonder everyone is sick, fat and have no concept of healthy eating here. Shame on you greedy thieves for siding with big and evil corps like monsanto. It appears the government has turned on the people of this country.”    - Kristine Atakanli, FL

To see more comments, click here to visit our petition site we started when this all began!