The Story of Biomolecular Nutrition

Health, Healing, Life & Death

Jim and Tricia Feijo, founders of The Daniel Chapter One Ministry, would like to take the time to share with you our position pertaining to health, healing, life, and death. In over 20 years we have been involved with natural healing, we have been privileged to have been able to assist many people with the science we have come to call BioMolecular Nutrition™.

The essential principles of BioMolecular Nutrition™ have their origins in the Work of God – in the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. There are two aspects to BioMolecular Nutrition™, the spiritual and the physical. The spirit of the law and the letter of the law. The ‘letter’ is the actual physical creation, the products, the chemistry and the laws that govern it. The BioMolecular Nutrition™ principles we would like to share here are those concerning the spirit.

The Three Principles of BioMolecular Nutrition

The very first principle is found in Genesis 1:29: basically, that all creation was given for man and to glorify God. The seed-bearing plants have the specific purpose of providing food, as a source of energy and to provide nutrients for daily life, health and healing.

The second principle of BioMolecular Nutrition™ is established in Colossians 1:15:

…that all things have their origin in God and that these things, visible and invisible, are for the purpose of glorifying the Lord God El Elohim Israel, Jesus.

We see that drugs have been positioned in society to usurp the function of herbs and nutrients. This practice is called pharmacopoeia, the true connotation of which is witchcraft. The worldwide view of holding drugs above natural nutrients steals from the glory that belongs to the Lord, Yahshua (Jesus).

The third principle of BioMolecular Nutrition is that no one will live forever, found in Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2. However, if we obey the Lord all things will go well with us and sickness can be avoided and healing attained. If we become ill we can only pray that we will know how and be able to use God’s creation for our healing. (“My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6)

Why Do We Get Sick?  

Sickness can result from sin, or simply be for the glory of God (John 9:1-7). Daniel Chapter One founder, Jim Feijo, wrote: “My own case of chronic illness exemplifies both. For nearly 10 years, I battled with the pain and difficulty of multiple sclerosis. At times I wanted to take my own life.

I refused drugs and believed that God was going to heal me. This illness and suffering was due to my own sin; I refused to obey the Lord in that I was called to establish Daniel Chapter One® and continued to walk away from it.

Tricia and I always wanted to spread the good news that salvation is free, that Jesus the Lord shed his blood so we could have eternal life with Him. I did not see how this could be done sitting in a building, so I rejected the vision of Daniel Chapter One®.

For years I suffered, crying out night and day to die because of the pain. Fervently I maintained my dedication to not use drugs, however. For me, that would be hypocrisy. Finally, on my knees, I accepted whatever work the Lord God would have me do, and He restored my health through nutrients and homeopathy.

What is BioMolecular Nutrition™?

Several years ago Jim Feijo was working with many different individuals and their many different needs for specific nutrition. Trained at Springfield College and having taught biology, chemistry and physical sciences, he was conditioned to use accepted scientific principles concerning diet and biochemistry. Like the dietitians and nutritionists, he was concerned with the nutrient content of foods and how those foods should be eaten and with what calories and quantities. This also applied to the principle of biochemistry and its accepted principles.

At that time he observed that there were several discrepancies due to the isolation of these different sciences. The principles of BioMolecular Nutrition™ were those missing principles needed to bind together those of the nutritionists and the biochemists. Nutritionists were concerned with the whole foods, while the biochemists focused concentration on the molecular attributes of those foods. Keeping the two separate and disregarding certain physiological actions that take place in the body caused erroneous statements and observations to be presented as facts.

 BioMolecular Nutrition™ Products & Our Ministry

Jim found that in order to prevent these errors it was necessary to develop a series of nutritional foods that would have instant bio-availability. 1st Kings 17:6 and ENDO 24™ were the first multi-nutritional products to accomplish this concept. The nutrients in ENDO 24™ and 1st Kings 17:6 are assimilated as quickly as water. This prevents the undesirable negative physiology which happens with whole foods, but not with biomolecular supplements.

Since the development of these products using God-given nutrients and Biblical principles, the Daniel Chapter One Ministry has helped literally thousands of people all over the world live healthy lives. We now have nearly 100 different supplements and natural healing products available as part of our ministry.


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