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These are the condensed points of the Federal Department of Justice Order against Daniel Chapter One and Jim and Tricia Feijo. The Order leaves us with nothing, with no way to ever help people with their health again, and with no livelihood.

Our faith is in Yahweh Elohim, but we are saddened by the many lives affected adversely by this tyranny.

1. Monetary Judgements: We are being fined for past "behavior", which was helping people. The hefty fines (almost 5 million) go beyond what DCO can possibly pay. We were given 7 days to pay the initial $1,345,832.43, an amount we do not have.

2. We were ordered to turn over our social security numbers and EIN number. We have "no right" to challenge any actions on the part of the DOJ or FTC.

3. We have been banned from selling any dietary supplements. We cannot give our products away, sell or give away our company, consult in any manner with anyone concerning the supplements, cannot share our formulas.

4. We are banned from making any claim, express or implied, that any product or service cures, mitigates, prevents, or reduces the risk of any disease.

5. Statements about benefits, performance, or efficacy of a product or service can only rely upon double-blind placebo-controlled studies (the Order is vague, but this was the mantra in court; the standard for drugs, impossible to be met by nutritional supplements.)

6. We are ordered not to violate the FTC Order.

7. We are ordered to turn over our customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.   We may then be ordered to destroy such customer information in our possession.

8. We are ordered to acknowledge receipt of this Order and must for the next 20 years deliver a copy of this Order to anyone who works with us "in conduct related to the subject matter of the Order", who then must sign it. It is to be turned over to the government.

9. Compliance Reporting: One year after entry of the Order, we must submit a compliance report, identify our address and phone numbers, and other personal information.

Then, for 20 years after entry of the Order, we must submit the same every year ; by email or overnight courier.

10. We are ordered to keep certain records for the next 20 years, and retain all records for 5 years.

11. The FTC and DOJ may POSE as customers, suppliers, or other individuals without identification or prior notice, to spy on us.

12. This Order is to be enforced for the next 20 years, or for 20 years from an alleged violation.

Please click here to read the entire order.

I'd like to thank everyone for your support at this difficult time, and again express how sorry we are that Daniel Chapter One products are presently unavailable.

The US Government took it upon itself to "broaden coverage" of the Order we have complied with for the past 3 years, and "to enhance the compliance monitoring", saying it is "necessary to protect the public." That's you.

Recently Jim and I appeared in RI Federal Court on the criminal matter; I face several FDA charges of putting unapproved "drugs" on the marketplace. That day also, the Government Prosecutor said prosecution of us is necessary to "protect the public."

The "SS" wing of the Nazi party stands for "Schultz-staffel", which means "protection squad." The protection was not of the people.

(Concentration camps were first used to imprison "unfit members of society", which included "members of minority religions.")

Regarding Daniel Chapter One, the US Government wrote: "The FTC Order did not achieve its purpose of protecting the public and demonstrate that they (DC1 and Jim Feijo) likely will repeat their fraudulent activities and victimize consumers unless their practices are more significantly curtailed." The injunction -- the shut-down of Daniel Chapter One -- was decided upon based on circumstances including "the degree of consumer harm." Which is a lie.

"Consumer harm" is a false theory of the FTC, no doubt propagated by the Pharmaceutical Industry. In the nearly 30 year history of Daniel Chapter One, not one person complained to have been harmed or even misled. Not one. The FTC blocked all our witnesses in court; the people who came to say they had been sent home to die by their doctors and that Daniel Chapter One products helped them were not allowed to speak.

The FTC argued that someone might be harmed one day, and now the US Dept. of Justice argue that we might violate the Order one day, despite the fact that we stopped radio, stopped sending out the BioGuide and Most Simple Guide, stopped sharing testimonials, and sent the Government written letter to all we were ordered to, 3 years ago. We have been in compliance for three years, though it burdened our religious belief to do so, to keep the products available to all who want and need them. But that didn't satisfy the destructive beast against us, the prince of darkness.

We fear not, and rejoice in the Glory of Yahweh Elohim!

Another, different federal judge will soon be given opportunity to render a righteous decision, as we appeal the present Order.

In the meantime, we have been forced out of business, out of our ministry and our livelihood. Many have asked what they can do to help, and where to send love offerings.

Any donation to "Universitas Christ Centered Homeopathy" will help greatly as we prepare an appeal and for a possible trial, and can be made by calling 1-800-504-5511. If there is no answer, please leave your full name and number, and I will personally call you back.

Checks should be made out to Universitas Christ Centered Homeopathy, and mailed to:


P.O. Box 223

Portsmouth, R.I. 02871

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. May you be richly blessed with the peace and the joy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yahshua Messiah, who promises

"I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those that curse you."

It is He, His church, that the Government has come against.

Tricia Feijo

Update from Tricia Feijo - Monday, April 27, 2015