Jim and Tricia Feijo began a radio program called “HealthWatch” back in 1994, where they offered sensible and natural solutions to health concerns. In November 2012, they made the hard decision of going off the air due to the FTC order forbidding them to help people any longer.  

In those 18 years the program aired, Jim and Tricia always dared to say what no one else dared to, trusting that they stand upon true principles of healing and upon the truth of scripture.

Below are some clips from the radio program.

“May The Truth Set You Free!”
1 Multiple-Thanks-And-Testimonies-101608 1.mp3

Multiple Thanks and Testimony Clips

1.0 Sam-DC1-is-my-church-ministry 1.mp3

Daniel Chapter One is my Church/Ministry

1.1 CHURCH-John-presentation-at-winnetonka 1.mp3

John’s Comments On The Presentation at Winnetonka High with Jim and Trish in Kansas City, MO

1.2 Jeremy-led-by-holy-spirit 1.mp3

I Was Led By The Holy Spirit - Jeremy

1.3 Jessie-Williams-40 YRS preacher.mp3

40 Year Preacher - Jesse Williams

1.4  - Daniel-Inspiring faith.mp3

Your Inspiring Faith - Daniel

1.5 - Mark-Proclamation of the Gospel(Used in Spot).mp3

Proclamation of the Gospel - Mark

1.6 Larry - Bible Stuff - 05-03-05.mp3

The Bible - Larry

1.7 Dennis_Refreshing to hear the truth.mp3

Its Refreshing to Hear the Truth - Dennis

1.8 Inez-The-Lord-Knows-What-He-Is-Doing.mp3

The Lord Knows What He’s Doing - Inez

1.8 Paulette-So Grateful To God for You.mp3

So Grateful To God For You - Paulette

1.9 Kathleen-You-Can-Trust-Jim&Trish-.mp3

You Can Trust Jim & Trish - Kathleen

1T GOD 0128a Daniel Trucker 1.mp3 1T SON DIED 0207b Cancer 6mo DC1 only 1.mp3

My Son Died From Cancer


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