Welcome to the Daniel Chapter One Ministry.

Nearly thirty years ago, Daniel Chapter One was started to bring spiritual and physical healing to the sick, to promote healthy eating and Bible-based natural remedies, and to help support home churches world-wide. While the founders, Jim and Tricia Feijo, have ministered all over the world, they are based in a house church in Rhode Island. From there they hosted a daily call-in radio program for over ten years. They continue to meet and minister to people as the Lord directs, believing and teaching that Yahweh is Lord God of all creation and truly the Great Physician.

Our Story: The Daniel Chapter One Ministry

How Daniel Chapter One Began

In 1981, Jim Feijo and Tricia Haith met at a bible study, while Tricia was in college. Jim was a teacher at the Christian School of Fall River, teaching Bible, Science, and Math. Tricia was an English/Writing major, and had worked for years prior in Cancer Research as a lab tech. Two years later, they married, believing God wanted them to serve Him together, and vowed to always “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” They camped through Canada, New Foundland, and Labrador that summer, meeting many Christians and enjoying God’s Creation while living off the land.

Jim and Tricia desired to be missionaries, but no mission board would accept/hire them since Jim was divorced and remarried. Tricia quit her job and school, to be a woman busy at home, according to God’s Word. The next year, Jim quit teaching, to live more by faith. They moved into a campground and Jim scuba dived for quahogs (type of clam) for a living. That Fall/Winter they moved into a trailer park and Jim got a job teaching Phys. Ed at a Jr. High School.


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